05 Jun 2012

libbash weekly report #2

And here we are at the ending of the second week, or first week of coding.

Although this first week of coding was enough to feel the pressure of programming for a project on a daily basis, it was also enough to get enthusiastic in doing it. At least for me, implementing a programming language feature in a interpreter and getting it to run like expected is always a good moment of accomplishment.

Since for implementing some feature I’ve need to know the details of the options and behaviour of the real bash, I’ve got to dig in the man pages, online documentation, and actually running tests on a bash shell. So this is great to get to know every obscure thing of bash that may be useful some day.

And btw, using a ZSH shell to test BASH things is not a good ideia, although it’s supposed to be compatible, there are still some things that behave differently. Maybe someday I will write a post about this!

Report posted to the gentoo-soc mailing list:

Progress of previous week

I’ve done everything as planned, which is:

And being the first week of actual coding, this tasks helped a lot to know the various parts of the project.

I’m still getting used to the process of getting the code right in the repository, in terms of commits and branches use in github, so that it can be appropriately pushed to the official repository.

Plan for this week

The current scrum sprint has two weeks, so we’ve planned the work for this and the next week, but this is what I think will fit in this week.