Emerge times

To demystify the notion that it still takes hours to compile something in Gentoo, I leave here the times of the packages that take the most time on my machine.


# Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz
CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=native"
EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--jobs=1 --quiet-build"

Using gcc 10.2.0, and the times are calculated with the script mergetime, which only accounts for the real compile times given by the log, and not for time spent by the package manager in other tasks like downloading and extracting archives.


Top 15 packages build times
PackageVersion Time
dev-lang/rust 1.47.0-r2 58m 26s
app-office/libreoffice 47m 22s
www-client/firefox 88.0 36m 54s
sys-devel/clang 11.1.0 36m 46s
sys-devel/gcc 10.2.0-r5 33m 13s
sys-devel/llvm 11.1.0 32m 16s
dev-qt/qtwebkit 5.212.0_pre20200309-r1 23m 14s
dev-lang/mono 19m 17s
net-libs/nodejs 14.16.1 14m 10s
app-emulation/wine-vanilla 6.0 12m 18s
net-fs/samba 4.12.9-r1 9m 19s
dev-python/PyQt5 5.15.2 5m 44s
dev-qt/qtdeclarative 5.15.2 5m 42s
dev-libs/boost 1.75.0 4m 58s
sys-libs/glibc 2.32-r7 4m 44s

All packages information
Data file link
Full rebuild time 11h 55m 59s
Packages installed 1486
Packages compiled in 10 seconds or less 961 - 64.67%
Packages compiled in 1 minute or less 1397 - 94.01%
Packages compiled in 5 minutes or less 1471 - 98.99%