29 May 2012

libbash weekly report #1

Well, this is the first post on this blog, created to write about the progress of my participation on in libbash Google Summer of Code 2012, but maybe I will use it to write other stuff in the future, who knows.

This post is already a bit late, since we are already on the second week of coding, but I started a bit late anyway. Although I should had write some kind of introduction before, only now I had the time and mood to write something here.

I’ve already posted the following weekly progress report on the gentoo-soc mailing list:

I’m working on the libbash project, a library to parse and interpret bash scripts. The goal is to support ebuild metadata generation.

I started a bit late, still had classes last week, so I haven’t yet something substancial from last week. But we’ve planned this week with scrum using the agilefant instance of last year.

I have my repository on github: https://github.com/Aparicio99/libbash

This week I will and already started implementing some bash features:

Hopefully the next report will be more complete.